Prices & Services & Packages

What does it cost? What does it include? How does it work?


No Time Package

“Help! I have no time. I am dashing from one engagement to another!” I can help YOU! After an in-depth consultation meeting, I select suitable outfits for you myself. Then all you have to do is try them on, and you’re done. Wonderful!

Price depends on time invested.

starter Kopie 2.jpg

A day that could change your life. We start by taking stock of and organising your wardrobe. What can go? What can be combined and how? What is missing? After working through this and identifying what you need, we go shopping together with your personalised shopping list.

One day (7 hours) € 700.00
This package can also be split into two appointments - whatever suits you best.


Gift Voucher

Make someone else’s life brighter by presenting them with a fun and lasting fashion experience.

Price depends on the package you choose.


Hunting for Special Treats

A half-day shopping trip. Once I have understood your dressing ambitions, I work out a shopping route for you.

Half a day (4 hours): € 400.00


Colour Analysis and Personal Colour Palette

What suits me? What colours enhance my look? We will work on finding a solid foundation for your colour palette to make it easy for you to find and combine your fashion must-haves.

Approximately 3 hours: € 350.00


Workshops for Groups and Companies

We can create a workshop around fashion, which can be tailored to your needs. Topics could be… 
How and where can I find a business look that turns heads? What could it look like? What are the limits?
In today’s world, looks are more important than ever. In our fast-paced lives the first and sometimes only thing that is noticed is our appearance.

Price depends on how long the workshop is and the number of participants.


To the Rescue

Shopping for a particular and important event (job interview, business appointment, date with someone special you would like to impress, etc…).
Approximate timeframe: 1-2 hours

Price per hour € 120.00


Sales Training for Companies

I love passing on and sharing my experience and expertise in various areas of the fashion world. This could be in the form of a life fashion- and styling show. It’s highly motivational and inspirational for employees.

One day (8 hours) € 1,200.00, including moderation by me

Preparatory day € 700.00

Preparation is often necessary in form of briefings, selecting and styling outfits, trying on clothes, etc.

Travel expenses:
Up to 4 hours per trip: € 150.00
Between 4 and 8 hours:  € 250.00
Plus travel and other costs incurred.

Personal Shopping.jpg

Personal shopping for fashion brands and department stores

You book me and we offer your clients an in-depth, motivating and very personal consultation.
Our goal is to liberate the client from possible fashion dictates and inspire them to feel and look beautiful.

1 day (8 hours) €800.00

* my experience is that it is possible to have one client every 30 minutes, with a break of 10 minutes between clients to tidy up and recenter.

1 hour lunch break is a must!

Travel expenses:
Up to 4 hours per trip: € 150.00
Between 4 and 8 hours:  € 250.00
Plus travel and other costs incurred.