EVERYONE is beautiful to me

Who is Coren Pollok? An adventurous fashion enthusiast, a stylist and a personal shopper. Presently based in Munich. Coren studied fashion design at the renown ESMOD international school in Munich and Paris. She has been working in the fashion world in many beautiful places on this earth for over 20 years. She has learned and lived in cities such as New York, Paris, Munich and Berlin.
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Her motto: Let me reveal and professionalise your beauty! You will also save time and money in the long run!

All Photos by Kathrin Makowski kathrinmakowski.com

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Street Wear

Today, I’m going to be running around a lot and want to feel free and flexible. The sneakers and the wide skirt give me a lot of room to move in. My clothes are both practical AND stylish! run run run…

Styling tip: Remember – don’t be afraid of juxtaposing styles - that is what makes your look interesting.

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British Jeans Look

I love my high waist flares! As I am no beanpole, I feel comfortably clothed and stylish at the same time. Perfectly dressed for my PR appointments today.

Styling tip:  Pink high heels make the whole look a tad more eccentric and show a sense of humour - quite British, really!

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Pur meets Country

When I want to feel cool and strong, I chose this look. Its simple and yet my favourite vintage cowboy boots I got at a flea market in Brooklyn make it special.

Styling tip: The cowboy boots are a breach in style which make the look surprising.


Flowery, Parisian

Today I’m going to go on a city break at HOME! I’m going to dive into the world of museums and art. I love taking a day off, just so, to get inspired.

Styling tip: Cool basics with a playful accessory look incredibly casual and easygoing. And as the French would put it:  nonchalant, relaxed.

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Retro, Glamour Look

Hmm, I need a bit of glamour and glitter in my life. Why not wear my haute couture skirt during the day? It will brighten up the sometimes drab day-to-day. 

Styling tip:  Starting our day slightly overdressed helps us to feel special and definitely makes us happier!
And as for men:  why not bring a great Oscar Wilde look into the present? 
Dressing well is a form of courtesy, and it brings pleasure to others and to ourselves.

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Business Look.

I feel perfectly styled for my first PPM* with a client. I am respectfully dressed, conform to the rules, yet I do not hide my colourful and lively personality. Bingo!

Styling tip: Be yourself ...

* PPM= first briefing before a job or photo shoot.