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Coren Pollok Shop and Style
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Mobile: +49 (0)172 . 5605419
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1. What you want and expect from me

In a first conversation, we will discuss what you envision and how to get there together.

Type 1:  Full wardrobe
Your wardrobe is full. In this case, we’ll assess the garments you have. Take a fresh look at your outfits, maybe get rid of some and rearrange what you have prior to going on a shopping trip. In this way, we can easily see what is missing and hone our shopping list.

Type 2: You need something particular and urgently
You do not have enough garments in your wardrobe and you know exactly what you are missing. In this case, we will go shopping first and then match the new pieces with the clothes you have.

Type 3. Special Event
For weddings, red-carpet events, business dates, etc. we can efficiently find suitable and stylish outfits to suit your type. Of course, we will need to have a preliminary meeting and try on clothes. This usually takes between 1-2 hours.

Type 4. No time
You have neither the time nor the leisure to go shopping. The solution:  we converse on the phone or on Skype to clarify size, style, occasion, brands, budget, timeframe and so on. You send me some pictures of yourself and I create a personal mood-board* to ensure we are on the same ‘stylistic’ page. I then make suggestions and curate example outfits, so that I end up getting the perfect clothes.

I then go shopping and come to you with my selection. What suits you keep and I return the rest.

* Moodboard: Collage aus Bildern mit konkreten Kleidungstücken und Outfits für Sie.
* Falls Sie ein anderer Typ sind, bitte immer melden, wir finden für (fast) alles einen Lösung. Ich freue mich auf Sie.

2. Gift Voucher

If you would like to gift my services, we proceed as follows:

After you have contacted me, we clarify what would make most sense for the recipient and I consult you on how to best proceed. I then create a gift voucher especially for you in the form of a collage of text and pictures.

3. Motto Party | Company Party

If you are planning something crazy and incredibly creative like a motto party or a zany company party, I would love to assist!

One of my most memorable assignments was to style a whole family - i.e. two grown-ups and three children for a ‘The day of the Dead’* motto party. It was incredibly funny, refreshing and delightful.

*Mexican holiday to commemorate the dead.

4. Colour and Style Analysis

You can make an appointment for a personalised colour and style consultation. This usually takes approximately 3 hours. I will then provide you with your individual colour palette you can use as a reference when shopping yourself. 

Please remember to use it as a reference only! Fashion should be dynamic, emotional, courageous, it reflects your joie de vivre, is experiential… whatever you like can be tried out and is allowed.

5. Hunting for Special Treats twice a year

Once we get to know each other a little bit better, we go shopping for highlights in the spring/summer and autumn/winter seasons to build up your already existent and professionalised wardrobe.

6. Regular Wardrobe Clean Up

Approximately once a year, we sort through and tidy your wardrobe again. If done regularly, it will take 2-3 hours at the most - depending on the size of your wardrobe, of course.

7. Time Management

Please set aside approximately 4 hours for our first appointment. I am only able to gage the time more precisely once I know what you are looking for…

There is little point shopping under time pressure. So please allow for enough time, especially for our first shopping trip. The same applies when organising your wardrobe.

Thank you.