10 reasons why you will enjoy booking my services:

Book a Professional

I can look back on many years of professional experience as a stylist and personal shopper. I quickly understand what suits people.
* stylist:  I style models, actors, people for photo shoots, fashion shows and films.
* personal shopper /stylist:  you can book me privately as your professional shopper and stylist.

Effective and professional shopping is fun!

Time is money. When booking my services, you will optimise the time spent shopping and have valuable results:  a tidy, easy to combine and inspiring wardrobe.

Style Coaching

My expert eye will assess your personality, your needs, your body, your job and your surroundings. Everyone has their personal fashion must-haves.

Order and structure in your wardrobe

It is a real relief and you will have a sense of liberation when we organise and clear out your wardrobe together.
You will soon realise the pleasure and fun of selecting an outfit for the day from your own organised wardrobe.

Avoid bad buys

This clarity will help you avoid bad buys. You will be well dressed in a much shorter time and save money in the long run.

Liberate yourself from old fashion habits

I provide a fresh look from the outside, this will help you to liberate yourself from old habits of dressing which no longer reflect who you are. Fashion is movement and gives us a chance to grow and change things on the outside (and by extension ideally on the inside, too!).
Together, we will explore, which pathways you can take, which you might not have tried before.

Dressed to the nines at work

If you have to keep to a certain dress code at work, I can help you develop a new look within a more restricted framework. You will find getting dressed for work every day much more fun!

Level up your style

If you always stick to the rules, you will miss out on the rest. We will experiment together and step-by-step you will level up and free your style. Something you are bound to enjoy a lot.

Proportion and colour consulting

My expertise will help you find and mix and match your personal fashion must-haves much more effectively.

Treat yourself and let yourself be inspired

My services are pure luxury - there for you to experience fashion in a different way and to feel inspired. I look forward to meeting you.